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In an effort to ensure access to UMassOnline's community of users as well as others who might provide insight as we undertake this project, all content, comments and attachments are accessible by the public. If you are commenting anonymously, please leave your contact information within your comment.

Consortium Collaboration

Please feel free to add, share, exchange information related to the consortium in this space. It will evolve as we open these discussions and expand the consortium.  Below are sections within this public working space.



Consortium Collaboration Members

Members who have been a part of discussions, invited to participate in the discussion and pending participation. Includes institution, contact and contact details.

Consortium Meetings and Minutes

The Consortium will 'kick off' discussions on October 12, 2011 at UMassOnline. Meeting dates, times, locations with corresponding agendas and meeting minutes. This section will document meetings, discussion and action items for this and future meetings. 

Consortium 'Mission' Statements

To be added...

Consortium Service Catalog

List of services offered by schools that make up the College Consortium Cooperative.

Confluence Training and Support

Visit this section to have access to tips and techniques or get help with Confluence.

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