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The calendar tool in Blackboard automatically populates with Blackboard dates such as assignment and test due dates. It provides an easy view for all deadlines that students may have in multiple courses. Below are tips and resources on using the calendar tool. 


  • Keep consistent deadlines. For example, all discussions would be due on Sundays, and all assignments on Fridays. 
  • Include calendar items for intermediate steps. For example, if you expect the first discussion post by Wednesday, create a repeating event in the calendar as a reminder to students. 

Below is an image of a well-designed calendar. Notice that all discussions and assignments are due on the same days of the week. Those events are automatically populated. There is also a reminder event telling students to submit their first discussion post. This is a manually entered event. 

Calendar template

Blackboard Online Help:

Student support for this tool can be found at the Student Orientation and Resource Area on the Calendar Tool page. Please share this resource with your students.