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  • Course Update Checklist


Course Update Checklist

Use this check list to make sure your course is ready to teach after you copy a Blackboard Learn course shell. If you have questions about updating your course, please email 

Course content

    • Post updated syllabus 

    • Add new content to class

    • Update due dates. To update multiple dates in your course see instructions for using the date management tool
    • Click through every page and folder in the class to make sure content is current, web links and links to other course content work, and delete or hide content that you will not be using in the current semester.

    • Remove any mention of student names and dates from previous semesters.


    • Create the first thread in an "introductions" discussion forum to welcome students to the class and allow them to tell you and their classmates a bit about themselves.

    • Delete discussion threads from copied group discussion forums.

    • If you use group discussion boards, add any new forums prior to enrolling students in the groups.

Echo 360

Grade Center


Library eReserves

Publisher content

    • Refresh / relink content when needed.
    • Link to new texbook version if necessary.


    • Recycle assignments


    • Check VoiceThread links. (VoiceThread assignments will attempt to copy themselves to the new course automatically, and may not need to be relinked. The copy process will delete all comments that are not from instructors in the new course. It is important that you review all VoiceThreads in your course to ensure they are copied over properly.)
    • Recreate assignments from the VoiceThread link as needed.
    • Check VoiceThread Course View.
    • Check assignment grading (points possible).