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  • Course Menu is All Black


Course Menu is All Black

Due to a technical issue in Blackboard Learn you may enter your course and encounter an entirely black course menu, making it impossible to view link names and access menu items. This is a known issue with a simple fix.

  • In the Control Panel area of your menu, click Customization.
    Customization option on Course Management Menu
  • Select Teaching Style.
    Click Teaching Style
  • Scroll down to 4. Select Menu Style. Click on the Actionlink for Background color to access the swatch color panel. 
    Click the action next to the color for background color
  •  Change the Color value to ffffff and click Apply.
  • Now, click on the Actionlink for Text Color, enter 000033 for the Color value, and click Apply.
    Click on Action link for text color, enter 000033, click apply

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page an click Submit

    Click Submit