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Create Assignments

  1. Turn Edit Mode on, and select a Content Area.
  2. On the action bar, click Assessments, and then select Assignment.
  3. On the Create Assignment page, type a name.
    Create Assignment Page to choose name, color, and contents
  4. Optionally, type instructions for the assignment and format the text with the Text Editor.
  5. Optionally, attach a file using Browse my Computer or Browse Content Collection. Type a Link Name to appear in the Content Area.
    Note: If you do not type a link name, the file name is used in the Content Area.
  6. Type Points Possible, and optionally associate a rubric with the assignment.
    Due date information, including points possible
  7. In the Submission Details section, edit the number of attempts, and choose whether or not to have students' assignment submissions run through the SafeAssign databases to be checked for plagiarism.
    Submission Details selections for assignment type, number of attempts, and plagarism tools
  8. In the Grading Options section, choose whether or not to enable anonymous or delegated grading.
    Grading Options menu box
  9. In the Display of Grades section, you can change how grades are displayed, you can choose to include the grade for this assignment in the Grade Center calculations, and you can choose to show the grades to students in My Grades.
    Display Grades dropdown menu
  10. Check the box next to Make the Assignment Available to show this assignments to students.
  11. Optionally, limit the availability of the assignment by imputing dates in the Display After and Display Until section.
  12. When you are finished, click Submit.
    Click submit when finished

Information on the Assignments Tool from the student perspective can be found on the Assignments Tool Student Orientation and Resource Page. Please share this resource with your students.