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Create Content Area

A content area has a direct link from the course menu and can be used to store any course items. Content areas are best used for items that need to be accessed throughout the semester such as materials for a course project, assignments, or tests. 

  1. Hover over the menu plus ( + ) sign and select Content Area. 
    Dropdown menu, content area highlighted
  2. Enter a name for the area, check the Available to Users box, and click Submit
    Enter a name for the area, and make it available to users
  3. The new content area will be placed at the bottom of the course menu. You may drag and drop it to any location on the menu. While it has no content, it will have the empty area icon and will not be visible to students. 
    Empty area icon
  4. Add content to the new area using the tools bar. 
    Content area tools and options