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Create a SafeAssignment

  1. To create a SafeAssignment, select the content area in which you would like to build the SafeAssignment.
  2. Click on the Assessments tab, then select Assignment.
    Click assignments under the assessments tab
  3. On the Create Assignment Page, type a name for the assignment, and provide instructions for the assignment. Optionally, add any attachments for the assignment.
    Fill out assignment information
  4. Optionally, enter a due date for the assignment.
  5. In the Grading section type points possible. Optionally, add a rubric for the assignment.
    Fill out due date, and points possible
  6. Under Submission Details, select Individual Submission to require that each student submit their own submissions to this assignment.

NOTE: If Submission Details is not shown, click on Submission Details to open the options

  1. Next to Plagiarism Tools, select the box next to Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign
    1. To allow students to view the SafeAssign originality reports and to allow them to do so as a draft, check the two boxes for those options.
    click submission details to open menu

    Fill out submission details
  2. Optionally, choose grading options, and choose how the grades for the assignment will be displayed.
  3. Finally, alter the assignment availability, if you wish, and when you are finished, click Submit.
    click submit when finished

 Information on the SafeAssignments from the student perspective can be found on the Submitting SafeAssign Assignments In Blackboard Learn Student Orientation and Resource Page. Please share this resource with your students.