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  • Create Test Using a Question Set


Create Test Using a Question Set

You may want to randomize the questions your students receive on a test, for example having students answer 50 out of a set of 100 questions. 

  1. Create a pool of questions. 
    1. Build a pool manually following the instructions or video tutorials.
    2. Format a word document for Respondus upload. Send your document to the IDEAS group ( and we will import it into your course. 
  2. In the Course Management area of your course menu, click on Course Tools, and select Tests, Surveys, and Pools
    Course Tools, test, surveys, and pools option highlighted
  3. Click Tests
    Tests button highlighted
  4. Click Build Test
    Build test button highlighted
  5. Give the test a Name, if you like, add a description and instructions, and click Submit
    Test Information, name data entry field
  6. Hover over Reuse Question, and select Create Question Set
    Test canvas, create question set option highlighted
  7. Select the Pool and the Questions you would like to use, and click Submit. You also have the option of pulling questions from prior tests. 
    Test pool menu item
  8. Click on the blue 1 to edit the number of questions students are to receive from the given question set.
    Question set number highlighted
  9. Enter the number of Questions to display, and click Submit
  10. You now have a test with one question set. You can add additional question sets, or proceed to deploy the test and adjust test settings following our suggested best practices