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Create Letter Grade Column

Grade center columns have a primary and a secondary display. However, the secondary display is only visible to instructors. If you wish to show both a score and a letter grade, or a score and a percentage to students, you will need to create an additional column. 

  1. Under Course Management, click on Grade Center, and select Full Grade Center
    Grade center dropdown menu
  2. Hover over Create Calculated Column, and select Weighted Column
    Create Calculated column dropdown menu
  3. Enter a Column Name
    Column name data entry field
  4. Select Letter for Primary Display. 
    Dropdown menu, Letter circled
  5. Select the grade center column that holds the desired score, and click the right pointing arrow to add to Selected Columns area. 
    Weighted total circled
  6. Enter 100 for the % weight of this column. 
    Data entry field circled
  7. Click Submit
    Submit button circled
  8. You will now see a column with letter grades corresponding to score values. If you wish to adjust how letter grades are assigned to numeric scores, see instructions on editing grading schemas. If you will be uploading grades to SPIRE, follow instructions to import grades to SPIRE