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  • Creating Announcements in Your Course


Creating Announcements in Your Course

You can create announcements in Blackboard Learn that get sent out to the students in your course. Students are able to view announcements when they log into Blackboard, and you can set announcements up so that students are notified via email that an announcement has been made in their course. 

To Create an Announcement in Your Course:

  1. On the Course Management Menu, expand the Course Tools section, and click "Announcements". 

    Course Tools dropdown menu, announcments option highlighted

  2. On the Announcements Home Page, click "Create Announcement". 

    Create announcement button

  3. On the Create Announcement Page, type a subject for the announcement. 

    Create announcement content editor

  4. Type your announcement message in the message box.
  5. Under "Web Announcement Options", choose whether or not you would to restrict access to the announcement according to a particular start and stop time and or date.
  6. Secondly, choose to send an immediate copy of the announcement via email. 
    1. Note: Students are still sent an email about the announcement, this checkbox sends an immediate email announcement to students in addition to the regular email.
  7. Optionally, add a course link to the announcement.
  8. When you are finished, click Submit.

Information about viewing Announcements from the student perspective can be found on the Viewing Course Announcements Student Orientation and Resource page. Please share this resource with your students.