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  • Creating a Link for Course Reserves


Creating a Link for Course Reserves

With the UMass Libraries Course Materials tool, it is possible to link your course to the DuBois Library's eReserves system. By doing so, you can ensure your students have easy access to a variety of library resources. See instructions for navigating the area's menu.

To add a link to the library's eReserves from your Blackboard Learn course, follow the steps below. 

  1. Log into Blackboard, enter your course, and access the content area where you'd like to place the link.
  2. Hover over the Tools button and select UMass Libraries Course Materials. The Create Link page appears. (PLEASE NOTE that this tool may appear further down the Tools list than is indicated by the screenshot below. If you do not see the tool, try scrolling all the way down and clicking More Tools. You will then find the Course Materials tool in the expanded list.)
    Tools dropdown menu, with UMass Libraries course materials circled
  3. Change the Link Name if needed.
    Link name data entry field
  4. Set the link options accordingly. Click Submit. (PLEASE NOTE: adding a description to this link will cause the tool to malfunction.)
    Options menu, submit button circled
    The Course Reserves link appears in the Content Area.
    Welcome page, with course reserves link
  5. Click the link that was just created. Select the course's semester and click Create Course
    Create course button circled
    The Course Reserves system appears in Blackboard. 
    Course details page

For assistance with adding items to the course reserves system, please consult the UMass Library's Course Reserves FAQ or contact the reserves desk directly at

Information about Course Reserves from the student perspective can be found on the Course Reserves page of the Library website. Please share this resource with your students.