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Creating a Rubric

Rubrics can be created using the Rubric Tool, and then can be used many different places in your Blackboard Learn course. Once you create a rubric, it can be used in discussion forums, written assignments, blogs, journals, wikis, and written test questions, such as essays. 

To create a rubric within the Rubric Tool, follow these steps:

  1. On the Course Menu, expand the Course Tools section, and select "Rubrics".

    Course Tools, Rubrics option highlighted

  2. On the Rubrics Page, click "Create Rubric".

    Rubrics, create rubric button circled

  3. On the Create Rubric page, type a name for the rubric, and optionally add a description. 

    Create a Rubric Content Editor

  4. In the Rubric Detail section, add columns and rows as desired, and optionally change the name for each column or row.
  5. Type requirements or qualifications into each box.
  6. Optionally, adjust the scoring for each column and row, but make sure that the total weight adds up to 100%. 

    Rubric detail page

  7. When you are finished creating your rubric, click Submit.