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  • Creating a Sign-up Sheet Using a Wiki


Creating a Sign-up Sheet Using a Wiki

You can use a Wiki in Blackboard to create a sign-up sheet that students can use to sign-up for assignment topics, office hours or to complete a schedule. A Wiki is a page or set of pages that can be viewed and edited by students. When using a wiki to create a sign-up sheet, we recommend that you always create the sign-up sheet on the first page of the Wiki.

To create a wiki for a sign-up sheet complete the following steps.

  1. Go to the Course Control Panel menu and click on Wikis under the Course Tools menu.
    Blackboard Course Menu with Wikis tool link circled
  2. An area to create a wiki will open. Click on the Create Wiki button.
    Create Wiki Button
  3. In the Wiki Information area:
    1. Give the Wiki a name in the Name field.
    2. Write out the Instructions for the sign-up list in the Instructions field.
    3. In the Wiki Date and Time Restrictions area: Click Yes to make the wiki available or fill in specific dates for the wiki to be available (dates are optional).
    4. In the Wiki Participation area: Set the Student Access to Open to Editing and set the Student Comment Access to Closed to Commenting.
    5. In the Wiki Settings area click No grading.
    6. Click the Submit button. 

      Create Wiki page with the options highlighted
  4. Open the Wiki by clicking on the name you gave it in step 3a.
  5. In the Wiki Page Content area enter a name for the sign-up sheet.
    Wiki page content editor name field
  6. In the Content editing area click the Insert/Edit Table button to add a table.
  7. A new page will open with options for the appearance of the table. Enter the number of vertical columns and horizontal rows and adjust the settings as desired, then click the Insert button. A common table set-up is to use Cell Padding 5, Cell Spacing 1, and Border 1.
    Create Table Menu
  8. Add the topics or other content into the list. Leave an open column for students to add their names.
    Table with example topics
  9. Click the Submit button when done.
    Submit button

Once you have created the Sign-up sheet, you can link to it in a content folder by going to Tools at the top of the screen and selecting Wiki on the drop-down menu. On the Link page, choose "Link to a Wiki" and select the Sign-up sheet you have created.

Students will be able to see this sign-up sheet when they go to the Wiki and can click on the Edit Wiki Content button in order to write on the sign-up sheet.