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  • Creating a Test


Creating a Test

  1. On the Course Menu, click on Course Tools
  2. Select Tests, Surveys and Pools. Click on Tests.
  3. Enter a name for the test, and optionally add a description and instructions for the test. 
  4. When you are finished, click Submit.
  5. On the Test Canvas Page, click Create Question to create your first test question.
  6. Select the question type from the list of question types.
    1. Note: To view more information on specific question types, please see the "Test Question Types" page.
  7. Enter the question, answers, feedback, and any other information required for the question type. Click Submit when you are finished.
  8. Create as many questions as you would like for the test. Optionally, change the point values to the right of each question.
  9. When you are finished creating the test, click OK at the bottom of the page.

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