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  • Deploying Surveys within Content Areas


Deploying Surveys within Content Areas

  1. Click on the Content Area where you want to deploy your survey, located in the course menu on the left side of the page.
    Blackboard content menu.
  2. Hover over the Assessments button and click Survey.
    Blackboard Assessment menu.  Adding a survey to a content area.
  3. Click on your survey from the Add Survey box.
    Blackboard Create Survey page.  Select existing survey.
  4. Click Submit.
    Blackboard adding an existing survey to a content area.  Submit button.
  5. Enter the the Name of your survey and a Description.
    Blackboard editing survey options.  Name and Survey Description text boxes.
  6. Select whether you want to make your survey available to your students and if you want to add an announcement.
    Blackboard Survey Options.  Editing survey availability.  Radio buttons for making the survey available to students and adding an announcement for the survey.
  7. Select how you want your survey to be deployed.
    Blackboard selecting how a survey should be deployed.  Radio buttons to allow multiple attempts, forced completion, and setting a timer.
  8. Select when you want your survey to be displayed.
    Blackboard specifying when you want to display a survey.  Specify date and time you want to display your survey (Display After and Display Until).
  9. Select a Due Date for your survey.
  10. Select the type of feedback your students will receive under Show Survey Results and Feedback to Students.
    Blackboard specify how you want you show survey results to students and how you want to give feedback to students.  Specify when feedback will be given (for instance, after submitting).
  11. Select how the survey will be presented under Survey Presentation.
    Blackboard specify survey presentation.  Radio buttons for presenting survey all at once or one question at a time.  Radio button to prohibit backtracking and to randomize questions.
  12. Click Submit.
    Blackboard editing survey options submit button.