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  • Download grade center columns


Download grade center columns

You may wish to download Blackboard Grade Center information for analysis in an external software such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Blackboard offers multiple options for viewing Grade Center data outside of the LMS. Please follow the steps below in order to download your data:

  1. Under Course Management, click on Grade Center, and select Full Grade Center
    Full grade center circled
  2. To download columns, hover over Work Offline, and select Download
    Work offline dropdown menu, download circled
    1. Select the data that you would like to download. 
      Full grade center option highlighted
    2. Specify the delimiter type and whether or not you'd like to display hidden information. Choose "Tab" for easier viewing in Excel. 
      Options menu items
    3. Select the preferred Save Location (My Computer is suggested) and click Submit. 
      Save location options, my computer selectedsubmit button highlighted
  3. Click Download on the page that follows to download the Grade Center to your computer. 
    Download button circled