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Edit Grading Schemas

Blackboard has a default grading schema by which letter grades are assigned to numeric values. It can be adjusted manually. 

  1. Under Course Management, click on Grade Center, and select Full Grade Center
    Full Grade center option chosen
  2. Hover over Manage, and select Grading Schemas
    Grading schemas actionlink highlighted
  3. Click on the ActionLink for the Letter schema and select Edit
    action link circlededit button highlighted
  4. Enter the desired numeric range for each letter grade. You have the option to delete or insert grade rows if needed. After you make edits to the left column, make sure that the numeric values in the right column still fall within the letter grade range. Note: grading schema values are truncated, not rounded. In the "not rounded" example schema below, all students with a percentage between 94% and 100% will receive an A, while a student with a score of 93.8% would receive an A-. Replacing the 94% with 93.5% would simulate rounding as is shown in the "rounded" schema image. 
    Not rounded: 
    Grades scored template
    Grade scores template
  5. Click Submit
  6. Click OK to return to the grade center.
    Ok radio button