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  • Embed a YouTube Video into Blackboard


Embed a YouTube Video into Blackboard

These instructions cover how to embed YouTube videos into a Content Area. If your video is not able to be embedded because there is no embed code you can simply link to it by grabbing the url and create a Web Link to the video's address online.

  1. Locate the video on YouTube.
  2. Click Share.
    Share button under Youtube video
  3. Click Embed.
    Circled Embed button
  4. Select and copy the Embed code.
    Select and copy the embedding code
  5. Login to your course and navigate to the course area where you'd like to embed the video and click Build Content.
    Build Content Menu
  6. Click on Item (from the Build Content menu).
    Build Content Menu and Circled Create Item
  7. Create a name for the video.
    Enter a name for the video
  8. Click on the HTML code button in the Text editor.
    Click on the HTML button in the text editor
  9. The HTML code window should appear. Paste the embed code you copied from YouTube into this box.
    Paste the embed code into the HTML code box
  10. Click the Update button.
    Click update button
  11. Click the Submit button.
    Click on Submit button, video will be in text editor
  12. Press the Play button to view the video.
    Press play to begin the video