Turnitin with GradeMark

  • Use Voice Comment to provide audio feedback on student work
  • Use pre-set QuickMarks for common composition or grammar issues
  • Create your own library of QuickMarks for commonly used comments

To use GradeMark:

  1. Create Turnitin assignment.
  2. Provide students instructions for submitting Turnitin assignments.
  3. Access student submissions in GradeMark
    1. If you wish, use a add a rubric or use a grading form in GradeMark. 
  4. View the video below for details on using GradeMark tools. Note: the first 30 seconds of the video refer to using Turnitin outside of Blackboard and do not apply to Blackboard users.  

For more information, see the GradeMark interactive tutorial, built right in GradeMark. 

Information on reviewing grades and feedback for Turnitin assignments from the student sperspective can be found on the Reviewing TurnItIn Text, Audio Comments, & Rubrics from Your Instructor Student Orientation and Resource page.