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Grading Group Blogs

When you assign groups in your course, you are able to set up blogs for each group. Only members of the group can see the blog assigned to them. You can grade group blogs so that every member receives the same grade, or you can grade each member individually, based on their participation.

To Grade Group Blogs:

  1. On the Course Menu, expand the Grade Center section, and click on Needs Grading
  2. On the Needs Grading page, locate the student's blog submission and click on the Action Link.

    Grade all users actionlink
    (Click on the image to enlarge)
  3. Click Grade All Users.
  4. On the Grade Blog page, you can view students' blog participation. 
  5. You are able to enter one grade for all students in the group, or enter grades individually, depending on their participation. 
  6. Enter any feedback to the learner, then click Submit.

    Grade data entry fields circled
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