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Grading Tests

Once students have submitted a test, you are able to grade them. This can be done from the Needs Grading page and the Full Grade Center. Depending on which types of questions you put in the test, you may have to grade some questions manually, and some questions may be graded automatically. 

To access test submissions from the Needs Grading Page:

  1. On the Course Management Menu, scroll down and expand the Grade Center section. 

    Grade Center circled

  2. Select Needs Grading.

    Needs Grading circled

  3. On the Needs Grading Page, locate the test submission and click on the Action Link.
  4. Click Grade All Users to access the test submissions.
    Test action item, grade all users

To access test submissions from the Full Grade Center:

  1. On the Course Management Menu, scroll down and expand the Grade Center section. 

    Grade Center circled

  2. Select Full Grade Center. On the Full Grade Center page, scroll to the right to locate the column for the Test. 

    Full Grade Center circled
  3. Click on the Action Link inside the student's test submission cell.
  4. Click on the attempt. Any ungraded attempts will have a yellow exclamation point next to them.
    Grade center, attempt dropdown menu

Once you have accessed the Grade Test page:

  1. On the Grade Test page, you can view test questions that have been automatically graded. Questions that have been automatically graded will have point values already imputed in the grade text box. 

    Grade test page, data entry fields for scores

  2. If you wish to change any of the point values, click into the text box, and type a new numerical value.
  3. Questions that have not been automatically graded will appear with a dash, "-", instead of a numerical score. 

    Grade test page with essay question
  4. Review the students' question submission, and input a grade for their response in the box with the dash.
  5. Once you have completed reviewing and grading all of the questions, you can add feedback to the student (which will be visible to the student) as well as any grading notes (which will only be visible to instructors/graders). Once you have finished, click the Submit button.
    Grade test page, feedback to user and grading notes boxes

Information about viewing test grades from the student perspective can be found on the Viewing Assessment Grades & Feedback Student Orientation and Resource page. Please share this resource with your students.