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Grading Tests Anonymously

Once students have submitted their tests, you are able to grade their submissions anonymously. You can access students' submissions via the Needs Grading Page or the Full Grade Center.  Depending on which types of questions you put in the test, you may have to grade some questions manually, and some questions may be graded automatically. 

To access test submissions from the Needs Grading Page:

  1. On the Course Management Menu, scroll down and expand the Grade Center section. 
  2. Select Needs Grading.
  3. On the Needs Grading Page, locate the test submission and click on the Action Link.
  4. Click "Grade with User Names Hidden" to access the test submissions.

Needs Grading page action item

To access test submissions from the Full Grade Center:

  1. On the Course Management Menu, scroll down and expand the Grade Center section.
  2. Select Full Grade Center.
  3. On the Full Grade Center page, scroll to the right to locate the column for the Test. 
  4. Click on the Action Link for the Test Column.
  5. Click on "Grade With User Names Hidden" on the drop-down menu.

Grade center action item highlighted

Once you have accessed the Grade Test page:

  1. On the Grade Test page, you will see that the student's username has been changed to "Student 1". 
    1. If you wish to show the usernames, click "Show User Names" on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  2. Continue to grade the test as usual, and add any feedback to the student.
  3. Click "Submit" when you are finished.

    Grade test page, student hidden user highlighted