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Grading Wikis from the Full Grade Center

Grading Wikis Video:

Grading Wikis from the Full Grade Center

  1. Under the Control Panel, click Grade Center and select Full Grade Center.
  2. Locate the column of the Wiki you wish to grade.
  3. Click on the Action Link of the cell you wish to grade. Select View Grade Details, and click View User Activity.
  4. Click Edit Grade in the Wiki Grade portion of the side panel.
  5. Type a grade in the Current Grade Value box.
  6. Type any feedback and grading notes using the text editor.
  7. Click Save Grade.
  8. To access another user’s Wiki Contributions, click the Previous User and Next User arrows.
    Wiki grade page, with grade and feedback entry fields higlighted
    (Click on image to enlarge)

Information about viewing Wiki grades from the student perspective can be found on the Viewing Wiki Grades Student Orientation and Resource page. Please share this resource with your students.