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  • How to Run a Rubric Evaluation Report


How to Run a Rubric Evaluation Report

Rubric Evaluation Reports

The Rubric Evaluation Report delivers three statistics about the rubric's use in grading an item. The three statistics are:

  1. Rubric Overall Performance: This statistic shows the average total score of all attempts scored using the rubric.
  2. Rubric Analysis: This statistic shows average scores, compared against the possible points, for each criterion.
  3. Frequency Distribution: This statistic shows the distribution of scores across each level of achievement.

How to Run a Rubric Evaluation Report

A rubric evaluation report provides a comprehensive report of statistics for an item that you graded with a rubric. If you want to evaluate a rubric or its use in your course, you can run the report at any point in the grading process.

  1. On the Control Panel, click on Course Tools to expand the menu.
    Control panel options, course tools highlighted
  2. Click on Rubrics to see all of the Rubrics associated with the course.
    Course tools dropdown menu, rubrics item highlighted
  3. Access the rubric’s contextual menu.
    Rubrics actionlink highlighted
  4. Select View Associated Content. 
    View Associated content option highlighted
  5. If you already used an item for grading, a contextual menu is available next to the item's name on the View All Items page. Click on the item's contextual menu.
    View all items, item name actionlink
  6. Select Rubric Evaluation Report from the menu.
    View All items, item name options highlighted
  7. On the Run Reports page, select a Format, Start Date, and End Date.
    Run reports, report specifications highlighted
  8. Click Submit.
    Submit button circled
  9. A new window appears, Click Open to access the Rubric Evaluation report.
    Popup, open option circled
  10. You may choose to do the following with your report:
    • Save to Content Collection in your course.
    • Download Report to view the report.
    • Run a new Report to change format or date criteria
    Successful run window, all three options circled
  11. Click OK to return to the main Rubrics page.
    Successful run, ok button highlighted