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Import grades to SPIRE

Grades in your Blackboard Learn grade center can be imported into SPIRE. Note: SPIRE only accepts imports of letter grades from Blackboard Learn. Incompletes must be entered directly into SPIRE.  

  1. Follow the steps to calculate a weighted total and associated final letter grade
  2. Make sure that the letter grades are based on the grading schema described in your course syllabus. If necessary, adjust the grading schema
  3. Set the letter grade column as the external grade
  4. Login to SPIRE
  5. On the class roster, click Import Grades from Blackboard Learn and follow the prompts. See IT instructions on importing grades into SPIRE for details. 

To make changes to grades recorded in SPIRE follow the Grade Change instructions

If you need further assistance with setting up your Blackboard Learn grade center please contact us at