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  • Interpret originality report


Interpret originality report

  1. Access an originality report
  2. The similarity index indicated the percent of words in the entire student work that matches Turnitin sources. Note: Journal and newspaper articles less than eight weeks old may not be picked up in the originality report by Turnitin.
  3. The left pane of the Document Viewer contains the student's submission. Text in the student submission will be numbered, and highlighted to match numbers and colors of sources. 
  4. The right pane contains a list of matching sources. 
    Turnitin Originality Report interface
  5. For each primary match, you can view the underlying sources that Turnitin discovered. Hover over the primary match, and click on the arrow that appears. 
    Primary match
    The display will change:
    1. In the left pane, a portion of the actual source appears in a pop-up window.
    2. In the right pane, the primary match will expand, revealing any overlapping sources that Turnitin has found.Match breakdown, shows content that has been copied
  6. You can exclude any underlying sources that Turnitin discovered. 
    1. Click Exclude Sources (a checkbox will appear next to each source).
      Exclude sources button
    2. Check the box for any underlying source that you want to exclude (the exclude button splits, giving two options).
      Check boxes for omitted sources
    3. Click Exclude. 
      Exclude button
  1. Note: If the source(s) that was excluded affects the Similarity Index, Turnitin will recalculate the Similarity Index and display a new percentage of matching text.
    For a more detailed analyses of potentially plagiarized sources evaluate text-source matches.

For additional information see Turnitin Instructor Training, or the video below.

Note: The video covers the same procedures as above, but for instructors using Turnitin outside of Blackboard Learn. The procedures in the video are similar, but not exactly the same, as the steps listed above. The steps above are accurate for UMass Amherst (at the time of publication of this page).