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  • Multiple-Section or Cross-Listed Classes


To request a single Blackboard course shell for multiple course sections, follow the Course Requests in SPIRE instructions.

Multiple-Section or Cross-Listed Classes

If you teach multiple sections of the same class, or cross-listed classes, you may:

  • Combine all class sections into one Blackboard course (this is the most common option used for cross-listed classes).
  • Request a separate Blackboard course for each class section.
  • Combine selected class sections into different Blackboard classes (e.g., LEC 01, 03 in Class A and LEC 02, 04 in Class B).

For questions about the best way to proceed requesting a Blackboard course for multiple-section classes or cross-listed classes, contact the Blackboard Instructional Technology team at or 413-577-3434.

Multiple-Section Classes

Some academic departments offer multiple class sections of the same class (e.g., MATH 131 LEC 01, MATH 131 LEC 02, etc.). You may teach some or all of these class sections. Other examples of multiple-section classes include independent studies (a.k.a. individualized studies), practicums, and stand-alone labs.

Cross-Listed Classes

A class is "cross-listed" when it appears in more than one department’s course offerings. Cross-listed classes have a different Course Title and 5-digit Class Number for each Subject area under which they appear.

Examples of cross-listed classes:

  • Classes that cover topics of interest in multiple subject areas (e.g., a Russian literature class may also be listed in Comparative Literature).
  • Classes with both graduate and undergraduate sections (e.g., the same class may be listed as a graduate and as an undergraduate class).
  • Classes with ‘shadow’ University Without Walls classes (e.g., the same class may be offered through the University and through University Without Walls).
  • Classes with online and face-to-face sections.

Note: If you have other unusual circumstances not outlined in this document, contact