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  • Organize Grade Center Columns


Organize Grade Center Columns

  1. In the course management section of the course menu, click Grade Center
    Grade Center option highlighted
  2. Select Full Grade Center
    Full grade center collapsing menu
  3. Hover over Manage, and select Column Organization.
    Manage dropdown menu with column organization option circled
  4. In this view you can scroll through all the columns in your grade center and view associated due dates and points possible. Use the four-way arrow next to each column to drag and drop columns into an order that makes sense for your course. Most instructors choose to either order columns chronologically based on due date, or by assignment type with, for example, all discussions grouped together.
    Movement arrows beside each item highlighted
  5. You may notice columns that are no longer associated with items you intend to grade. Drag those columns to the top of the list to easily locate them for deletion. 
  6. Once all columns are in the desired order, click Submit
    Submit button circled
  7. Check the box next to any column you need to delete, and click Delete. If the column does not have a Delete Column option, it is still associated with a piece of gradable Blackboard content. Return to the appropriate content area in your course to delete the unused piece of content.