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  • Push Grades from ExamSoft to Blackboard


Push Grades from ExamSoft to Blackboard

Instructors using ExamSoft have the option to push the grade data to the Blackboard LMS if their course has been synced with the ExamSoft Blackboard building block.

  1. Begin by logging into your Blackboard course and clicking on the ExamSoft Registration menu item under Course Tools in your course.  If the registration is not on your course menu, please contact the system administrator.

         ExamSoft Registration link under Course Tools

          If this is your first time configuring the registration for Blackboard, you might see login fields for Examsoft. 

  Use your ExamSoft credentials to launch access to the ExamSoft website.

  ExamSoft log in

2. Once you are logged into ExamSoft, you should navigate to Assessments and find the exam(s) that have grades you'd like to push.  Click the Push Grades button.

Push Grades button

If you do not see the Push Grades button on your assessments menu, you can enable it by clicking on Add Columns and selecting "Push Grades to LMS".

3. When the prompt appears, log in with your Blackboard credentials.

Log in with Blackboard credentials

4. You will be prompted to assign or create a gradecenter column and grade type for the grades you are pushing to BBLearn.

Assign a grade center column

5. You will receive a message if the grade push operation is successful for all users.

Confirmation for successful transfer

6. Log back in to Blackboard and confirm that your grades got pushed to the designated column and in the expected format.