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  • Replace Blackboard assignment with Turnitin


Replace Blackboard assignment with Turnitin

If you have already created a Blackboard Learn assignment for your students, but then decide to use Turnitin instead, you must replace the existing Blackboard assignment with a new Turnitin one. 

Option 1: There are no student submissions for the existing Blackboard Learn assignment. 

  1. Double check that there are no student submissions in the Blackboard Learn assignment. Under Course Management, click Grade Center to expand the menu and select Full Grade Center
    Full Grade Center link
  2. Locate the column with your assignment name. Make sure that there are neither yellow circles (indicating an ungraded submission) nor grades in the column. 
    Assignment column with grade and yellow arrow in cell
  3. Once you have confirmed that there are no student submissions, delete the original Blackboard assignment. 
    Delete original Blackboard assignment
  4. Create a new Turnitin assignment, and inform students of the change. 

Option 2: Some students have already submitted work to the Blackboard Learn assignment. 

  1. Make the original assignment unavailable. Note: students with submission will still be able to access the assignment through My Grades. 
    1. Click on the assignment Actionlink and select Edit
      Edit original Blackboard Assignment
    2. In the Availability section, un-check the Make the Assignment Available box. 
      Make the assignment available box
    3. Click Submit
      Submit button
  2. Create a new Turnitin assignment, and inform students of the change. 
  3. Request that any students with submissions to the original Blackboard assignment re-submit to the Turnitin assignment. If students no longer have access to their original work or experience technical difficulties, you can download their Blackboard submission and submit to Turnitin on the student's behalf