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  • Set Up Grading Categories


Set Up Grading Categories

Grading Categories allow you to group grade center columns. Blackboard automatically assigns categories based on the tool that was used. For example all assignments will be placed in the Assignments category. However, if you have short papers and long papers both using the assignments tool you can create two separate categories for easier grade calculation. 

  1. In the course management section of the course menu, click Grade Center
    Grade center option highlighted
  2. Select Full Grade Center
    Full grade center option highlighted
  3. Hover over Manage, and select Categories.
    Manage dropdown menu, categories circled
  4. Click Create Category
    Create category button circled
  5. Enter a Name for the category, and click Submit
    Name entry field, required
  6. Continue to add categories as needed. 
  7. Click OK in the lower right corner. 
    Ok radio button
  8. Hover over Manage, and select Column Organization.
    Manage dropdown menu with column organization highlighted
  9. Check the box next to the grade center columns that you want to assign to one of the newly created categories. 
    Checked boxes highlighted in menu
  10. At the bottom of the screen, hover over Change Category to, and select the desired custom category. 
    Short papers option in dropdown menu
  11. Continue to assign columns to categories as needed. 
  12. Once all columns have the desired category, click Submit
    Submit button circled