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  • Set Up Weighted Total Columns


Set Up Weighted Total Columns

A weighted total column allows you to use Grade Center columns and categories to calculate student grades. If you already have a Weighted Total column, skip to step 3.

  1. Hover over Create Calculated Column, and select Weighted Column
    Weighted column actionlink circled
  2. Enter a column Name and click Submit
    Column name data entry field
    Submit button circled
  3. Click on the Action Link for the Weighted Total columns and select Edit Column information
    Edit column information actionlink circled
  4. Scroll to select a category you would like to include in your calculation, and click the right-pointing arrow to add the category to the Selected Columns space. 
    Categories menu options, discussion highlighted
  5. Enter the percentage for the category in the final grade. 
    Data entry field for pencentage
  6. Continue to add categories or individual columns to reach 100%. Note: you will need to click off the final item you add for the screen to update. 
    Total weight highlighted
  7. If you want the column to only reflect those items that have already been graded, keep Running Total set to Yes. Note, you will need to manually assign zeros for missed work. If you want all work assigned a zero until it has been graded, select No. 
  8. Click Submit
    Submit button circled