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The Course Management Panel

When you are logged into a Blackboard Learn course for which you are the instructor, you are able to view a menu located below your course menu called the "Course Management Menu". This menu gives you, the instructor, a list of tools and locations in your course that you can access. 


The Course Management Panel

The course management menu contains eight (8) different options. They are listed below:

  • Files: The Files section contains links to all of the content that is in your course. 
  • Course Tools: The Course Tools section contains links to all of the available tools in your course. Clicking on a tool from the Course Tools section will bring you to the tool's home page.
  • Evaluation: Expanding the Evaluation section will give you two options: Course Reports and Performance Dashboard. The Course Reports page gives you a listing of all reports you are able to run on student activity in your course. The Performance Dashboard contains information about when your students have accessed your course, how many times they have posted to discussion forums, and how many days it's been since they've last logged in.
  • Grade Center: Expanding the Grade Center section gives you two main options: the Needs Grading page, and the Full Grade Center page. The Needs Grading page aggregates all of the items in your course that need grading. This includes assignments, discussions, blog posts, wiki contributions, test submissions, and journal posts that have been submitted. The Full Grade Center is a grid of all enrolled students and all gradable items in your course. The Full Grade Center is where you calculate final grades for your course. Below the "Full Grade Center" option, there are two default smart views: "Assignments" and "Tests". When you click on either of these options, you are brought to a filtered version of the Full Grade Center, which only contains grades for either Assignments or Tests. 
  • Users and Groups: The Users and Groups section contains two options: Users and Groups. Clicking on the "Users" option will bring you to a page that lists all of the users, both instructors and students, in your course. Clicking on the "Groups" option will bring you to the Groups home page, where you can create, edit, manage and delete groups in your course.
  • Customization: The customization section contains options that allow you to edit your enrollment options, set guest and observer access, change course properties and teaching style, and set tool availability in your course.
  • Packages and Utilities: The Packages and Utilities section contains options that allow you to bulk delete items in your course, and import course packages. 
  • Help: The Help section of the Course Management menu contains links to helpful resources should you have questions about your course. The "Blackboard Help for Instructors" link brings you to this Help for Instructors site. You are also able to contact support and watch video tutorials from this section.