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The Edit Mode

When are logged into a Blackboard Learn course for which you are the instructor, you are able to modify, add and delete content. To do this, the Edit Mode needs to be turned on.

To turn Edit Mode "ON":

The Edit Mode button is located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Edit mode on

When the Edit mode is turned on, you will see a green dot next to the word "ON". If it is not on, click on the oval next to "Edit mode is:" to toggle to "ON".


To turn Edit Mode "OFF":

If you would like to turn off your ability to add, edit, or delete course content, you can toggle the Edit Mode to "OFF". To do this, click on the grey oval next to "Edit Mode is:" and toggle it to "OFF". Edit Mode toggled to "OFF" provides a modified "student view", and shows you what your course looks like to students. For example, if you have an item hidden, it will show to you as the instructor when Edit Mode is toggled to "ON, but it will not show when Edit Mode is toggled to "OFF". For a true student view, please see our page on the Student Preview mode here: The Student Preview

Edit mode off

Please Note: In order to add, edit, or delete course materials again, you must toggle Edit Mode back to "ON".