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Upload Files to Content Area

  1. Navigate to the Content Area in your Blackboard course where you would like to add this content.
  2. Hover your cursor over the Build Content button to open a drop-down menu.
    Build Content button
  3. Click the File link on the drop-down menu. This will open the Create File page.
     Build Content Drop-Down Menu with File circled under the Create heading
  4. On the Create File page, enter a name into the Name textbox. This name appears in the course area as a download link.
    Create File Page, Content Information section, Name textbox is circled
  5. Click Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer. A window will open which displays your computer files.
    1. You can also upload a file from the course's storage repository by clicking Browse Content Collection
      Attachemnts section, Browse My Computer is circled. Browse Content Collection button is visible.
  6. Select the file you wish to upload. Click on Open or Choose (language varies between browsers). 
    File Upload Window with a file selected and the Choose button highlighted
  7. Information on the file will appear in Blackboard next to Selected File once the file has uploaded successfully. Large files such as PowerPoint Presentations may take several minutes to upload.
    Selected File Information. File name and File Type are circled
    1. To delete the file you linked and replace it with another, click Select a Different File and choose a different file.
      Select a Different File Button under Selected File Information
  8.  Select the File Options:
    1. Click Yes next to Open in New Window. This options prevents students from accidentally closing Blackboard when they download the file.
    2. Ignore Add alignment to content. This function is not used at UMass Amherst. 
      File options to open in new window and Add alignment
  9. Select the Standard Options for the Item:
    Standard Options menu
    1. Click Yes to 'Permit Users to View this Content' if the content is ready to viewed by students. Select No, if not.
      1. Selecting 'No' will keep the Item hidden from students regardless of any Date and Time Restrictions settings.
    2. Click Yes or No to 'Track Number of Views.'
    3. Select Display After and Display Until and set the dates and times, if you desire to add date restrictions to this Item.
      1. You may use the Display After setting with or without using Display Until.
      2. Display After is the date the item will become visible to students, and Display Until is the date it will no longer be available to students. If you leave these options blank, the file will be available immediately.
  10. Click the Submit button to create the download link in your course Content Area.
     Submit Button