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  • Upload grade center columns


 Upload grade center columns

  1. Under Course Management, click on Grade Center, and select Full Grade Center
    Grade center dropdown menu
  2. To upload columns, hover over Work Offline, and select Upload
    Upload option on dropdown menu
    1. Click Browse My Computer to choose the desired file. 
      Browse my computer radio button circled
    2. Click Submit. 
      Submit button circled
    3. Review the data. and click Submit again to confirm. 
    4. By default all data is uploaded as text. If you will be using numeric values in weighted column calculations you will need to adjust column settings. Click on the ActionLink of the newly created column and select Edit Column Information
      Edit column information circled in dropdown menu
    5. Change the primary display from Text to Score
      Score option highlighted
    6. Change the points possible from 0 to the appropriate maximum value for the column. 
      Data entry field circled
    7. Click Submit
      Submit button circled