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  • Using a Grading Form With a Turnitin Assignment


Using a Grading Form With a Turnitin Assignment

To add a grading form to a Turnitin assignment, you will need to create the Turnitin assignment, wait for a submission, then create the grading form using Grademark. Students will not be able to see the grading form. If you would like to communicate the criteria in the grading form to students, you should use an alternate method, such as posting a PDF document.

Note: Turnitin offers two types of grading schemes. A Rubric allows you to create pre-defined criteria and scales. However, you cannot add free-form comments when grading with a rubric. A Grading Form allows you to give free-form feedback to each student across pre-defined criteria, but does not allow you to set pre-defined scales. Use a rubric if you want a traditional grading rubric with criteria and scales; use a grading form if you want to be able to give free-form feedback for each criterion. 

  1. Create a Turnitin assignment
  2. Go to the assignment, and click View Assignment.
    View Assignment link under assignment
  3. Click Submissions Inbox to check for student submissions.
    Submissions Inbox tab under Turnitin assignment
  4. Once you have student submissions, click on the GradeMark pencil of the submission you want to grade. A new GradeMark window or tab will open.
    Grademark pencil
  5. In the Grademark panel, click on the tiles icon to open the Rubric panel.
    Tiles on Grademark panel
  6. Click on the wrench icon to open the Rubric manager.
    Wrench icon
  7. Click on the menu icon in the upper left and choose Create new grading form.
  8. Give the grading form a name
  9. Fill in the criteria and descriptions.
  10. Use the plus "+" signs to add more criteria.
  11. To delete a criterion, click on the delete (trash can) icon.
  12. The Enable scoring setting allows you to input points for each criterion for each student.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Then click the chain-link icon to attach the rubric to this assignment.
  15. Click Close
    Grading form template
  16. To grade this submission, input your comments and points for each criterion. Then click Apply score to grade.
    Enter scores into grading form, apply grade
  17. Future student submissions to this assignment will already have the grading form attached. To grade using the form, click on the tiles icon link to open the Rubric panel (see step 5). Be sure to click Apply score to grade (see step 16).