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  • Viewing the Survey Results


Viewing the Survey Results

You can view the aggregate responses to each question in your survey, as well as the distribution of student responses for each question.

  1. Click the Grade Center dropdown menu located in the Course Management section of the Control Panel on the left side of the screen.
    Blackboard Course Management Grade Center.
  2. Click Full Grade Center.
    Blackboard Full Grade Center menu option.
  3. Find the column with your survey title and click the dropdown Action Link.  You may need to scroll through the columns to find the one you want.
    In the Grade Center, a green check mark indicates the survey has been completed.
    Blackboard full grade center.  Survey column.  Green check mark in one row indicating one student has completed the survey.
  4. Click Attempt Statistics.
    Blackboard grade center survey attempt menu.  Attempts Statistics option.
  5. Review the statistics as needed.
  6. Click OK in the lower right of the page to return to the Full Grade Center.