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The Discussion Board is a place where students and instructors can discuss class materials. The main Discussion Board page contains a list of all available discussion forums. Please note that discussion forums may be linked to other places in the course. For example, the discussion for Week 1 may be located within the Weekly/Unit Content folder for Week 1.  

The Discussion Board contains the following hierarchy: The Discussion Board > Forums > Threads. There can be one or more forums on the Discussion Board. Each forum can contain multiple threads. A thread contains an initial post, and then any replies to that post. For example, in an Anatomy and Physiology course, there may be a forum dedicated to the Digestive System. Within that forum, students can create threads on separate parts of the digestive system with their research and observations.

When creating a forum, your instructor has the option of allowing or not allowing students to start threads. If the instructor has not allowed students to create threads, you must reply to the instructor’s initial post to add your own post.

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