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The following video, images, and instructions guide you through the global navigation menu. 

Please click on the corresponding links for more information on the following topics.

1. The Global Navigation Menu provides users an area to access important information about their courses quickly and conveniently from one location. Students can view their progress and grades in their courses, and can view reminders of assignments that are due.

Open Global Navigation menu by clicking on your name
(Click on the image to enlarge)

2. When the global navigation menu appears, view the various tools on the left side of the menu. Hover over the tools to view their functions. Click particular tools to navigate to those particular tool areas. 

Global navigation menu tools
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Icon of house with BB inside of it

Bb Home: Gives students an overview of items that have been graded and items that are due. Bb Home displays the five most recent activities relevant to students.

Posts icon

Posts: Displays the latest posts that students have made in the courses in which they are enrolled. For example, a student can see when another classmate has posted a discussion post.

Clock icon for updates

Updates: Allows students to review a list of notifications that show important events and information. For example, a student will see when their instructor has graded their midterm exam.

Grades icon

My Grades: Allows students to view their grades for the courses in which they are enrolled. Students can sort the grades by date or by course. To learn more about this tool, visit the My Grades: Viewing Your Grades page.

Calendar icon

My Calendar: Allows students to review items that are due, as well as any other important dates the instructor or student have added. To learn more about this tool, visit the Calendar Tool page.

Smiley Face People icon

People: Allows students to find the profiles of other students enrolled in their courses. To learn more about this tool, visit Blackboard's People page.

Messages icon

Messages: Message users outside of the course environment. To learn more about Messages, visit Blackboard's Messages page.

Spaces icon

Spaces: Work and communicate collaboratively with others in your academic network. To learn more about Spaces, visit Blackboard's Spaces page.

Home icon

Home: Directs you to

Question mark help icon

Help: Goes to Behind the Blackboard for manuals, tutorials, and more.

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