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The following video, instructions, and imagery will guide you through the process of taking assessments.

Quick Steps: Taking Assessments

1. Navigate to a test and click the title of the test. (Test locations vary by course. You can check your course menu for a link to tests or ask your instructor if you have difficulty locating a particular assessment.)

Taking Assessments, test title circled
(Click on the image to enlarge)

2. To take the test, click Begin. Please review all instructions before starting the test.

Taking Assessments, begin circled     
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3. When you are finished answering the test questions, click Save and Submit. If your instructor has set a timer, you will need to complete the test within the time period, even if you save and resume. Your instructor can also set the test to be completed in one sitting. 

Taking Assessments, save and submit circled
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*Note: Instructors can associate a grading rubric with essay, file response, or short answer questions on a test. If they have shared the rubric with students, a “View Rubric” button appears next to the test question. Click on the rubric icon to view the grading criteria.

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