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Building an Online Course
Best Practice for Online Courses
Advice for Instructors
Instructor Handbook
Organizations / Affiliations
List of Additional Resources 

Building an Online Course

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Strategies for Online Teaching
Instructional Design
Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology, Volume 30
Online Organization and Design
Designing and Online Course  
Ten Simple Steps Toward Universal Design of Online Courses


Best Practices for Online Courses

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Best Practice Resources
ADEC Guiding Principles for Distance Learning
Best Practices for Teaching Online 
Best Practices for Designing and Conducting Online Courses 
Best Practices for Online Course Design and Delivery
Best Practices in Online Teaching Strategies




Screencasting to Engage Learning 

How to Create Screencasts

 Screencasting Tips and Best Practices 

How to Make Screencasts 

 10 Steps to Create a Marketing Video - Screencast


Advice for Instructors


What Makes A Successful Online Facilitator?
Explains some of the basic criteria for a person to be successful as an online facilitator.

Principles for Building Success in Online Education (UMass Lowell)
Two administrators share their six years of experience with a successful online initiative.

Instructor Handbooks

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University of Missouri Faculty Guide to Teaching and Learning With Technology 
The West Virginia Adult Basic Education Handbook
University of Manitoba Instructor Handbook
Trinity Valley Community College Distance Learning Faculty Handbook
Harper College Distance Learning Instructors Handbook
Florida State University Office of Distance Learning
Florida State University Guide to Effective Teaching and Learning Practices Handbook
Teaching Online
Porterville College Online Teaching Handbook
University of Dallas Online Teaching Handbook
Faculty Handbook for Online Teaching and Learning
Online and Distance Learning Faculty Handbook
The University of Colorado Denver: The CU Handbook


Organizations & Affiliations 

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List of Additional Resources

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Teaching Online Course - 60 Great Resources 
Breaks resources for teaching online courses into categories- books, teaching online, online discussions, social networks, effective online conferences. The categories each list links to articles on that topic.

Top 10 Free Training Courses for Online Teachers 
Top 10 free training courses for online teachers. Links 1,2,6,9,10 don't work.

Guide to Resources 
Extensive list of links to topics- Online Teaching: Tehory and practice, Assessment rubrics, Course management systems and conferencing tools, other software applications, Educational resources on the web, *copyright and intellectual property issues, professional development.

Resources for Online Instructors
Different resources for online instructors.