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The eLearning Training department is the initial contact for new online instructors teaching at the University of Massachusetts Amherst through Continuing & Professional Education. 



The objectives of our work are:

  • To orient new online instructors to university and CPE resources, policies and procedures
  • To orient all online instructors to instructional design, methodologies, and theoretical frameworks of online education and course design
  • To provide encouragement, advice and support for new online instructors during training and course construction
  • To provide instructional support and training on software specific to online instruction
  • To provide educational materials to online instructors and students regarding technologies and software used in online courses


Instructor Training
We conduct training in multiple formats: in-person workshops, webinars and a fully online training class. We meet with instructors prior to training, either in person or over the phone, and discuss their classes with them to better understand what they need during training. 

Course Development Support
Along with instructional design staff, we work with instructors to build their online course content and activities.

We develop instructional materials (handouts, pamphlets, web content and multimedia) for instructors and students.


University of Massachusetts Amherst 

Online Learning

140 Hicks Way, 407 Goodell Building

Amherst, MA 01003-9272

📞 413-577-3434

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Option 2: Instructional Design

Option 3: Training