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In an effort to ensure access to UMassOnline's community of users as well as others who might provide insight as we undertake the LPR, all content, comments and attachments are accessible by the public.

UMass Boston Migration Timeline | Preview Sessions for Faculty | Faculty Training and Other Resources | Contact a Migration Team Member

I. UMass Boston Migration Timeline

Question: When is Blackboard Learn 9.1 coming?
Answer: After two small cohort pilots during Spring and Summer 2012, faculty training will commence in late spring and our first group of courses will run in Fall 2012
Below is a chart of our Migration Timeline:
                                                          Graphic courtesy of Theresa Nelson-Miller

II. Preview Sessions for Faculty

On November 29th we held a live preview for faculty of what's to come! Below is a link to a video of this session.

NOTE these viewing hints:

There is an introduction about the migration timeline with some Q/A at the start, not all of which is audible.

For the software preview only, move directly to mm 9:47.

Click here to view the video

As we move forward, Instructional Designers and other members of the Implementation Team for UMass Boston are ready to show you how Blackboard Learn 9.1 differs from the current system, and answer questions about the migration of content, training for faculty, and other aspects of this transition.

Features of the new LMS include:

  • Drag and drop editing of content
  • Smoother and smarter navigation
  • Rich media integration
  • Rubrics and the enhanced Grade Center
  • Dynamic content presentation
  • Better communication tools

...and much more

We will schedule another live preview early in the Spring 2012 semester. Stay tuned for more information.

Meanwhile, a discussion area has been set up to get further input from you as we move to Bb 9.1.

III. Faculty Training and Other Resources

IV. Contact a Migration Team Member

Carol Allen - Faculty Representative

Gene Shwalb and Irene Yukhananov - Faculty Liaisons

Apostolos Koutropoulis, Kalindi Mehta - Technical Managers

Jason Campos - Manager of Online Education, University College

Mark Lewis - Project Manager

Learning Platform Review (LPR)

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