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  • 05.03.2011 UMOL User Group
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What Interests You?

Feel free to suggest a topic of interest by commenting on this page.

Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Time: 9:30am to 11:30am
Location: Shrewsbury Conference Room (behind ampitheater registration desk)


Can't Attend in Person?

Use Wimba Classroom or dial-in: (201) 549-7592 - PIN: 56204055

Meeting Resources

Meeting Notes

Attendees: Kevin O. (UMOL), Tim L. (UMOL) Stefanie H. (UMOL), Toni P. (UMB), Alan G. (UMB), Drew M. (Simmons), Tracey R. (UMD), Lynn Z. (WSU), Salim I. (WSU), Andrea D. (UMMS)

UMass Dartmouth (Tracey)

  • Spring/Summer numbers: defer to Bev for additional info
  • Training: blended learning training for Summer '11; part of 3 year grant (in second year cohort with 20 faculty); redesigning course for summer; first year participants are mentoring second year participants
  • LPR: Faculty and students have been volunteering to test stories; should be done by end of week; process includes adding info to UMD wiki with links to logins; responses to be added to Google docs
  • CourseEval (ConnectEDU): piloting in FALL; prof CE purchased one year license; course evaluation software; goal is to move away from paper-based evaluation; login with a few docs open and must toggle in between
  • LOR: Damon is using Cora as UMD needed front end to rate items and search in this learning object repository
  • Lecture Capture: Panapto (old license) and Camtasia Relay (Fall '11)
  • Encourage faculty to have ScreenCast accounts
  • Also looking at Kaltura

Westfield (Lynn)

  • Help Desk: Password reset is biggest demand/load; exploring options with internal IT dept as well as external solutions
  • SIS: WSU uses Banner which is not currently integrated with UMOL's BB Vista
  • Training: Using VoiceThread (now through summer)
  • Webcamp: LMS training for 27 faculty to move courses online; first week of June
  • Increase staffing 77% growth for summer courses
  • NEASC accreditation
  • Video streaming: Ensemble Video to manage own videos; Q: Who polices? A: Faculty are responsible for obtaining permissions; concerns about copyright issues; students upload files for faculty

UMass Worcester (Andrea)

  • Y2 out of 4: SOM curriculum redesign; taking all of 4 years of medical school curriculum; school leadership is reconfiguring and pulling together course shells w/clinical and traditional faculty; reimporting content; designing on-the-fly; everything has changes like: start and end dates; manual change end dates for five year push out…
  • Not supporting the "old" content; faculty are making changes to the "old" content
  • Future of medical education
  • Q: What prompted the total redesign of the curriculum? A: All of the medical schools around the country are doing this; what's to keep up with what other national leaders are doing.
  • Apresso Lecture Capture on the way out; looking at ECHO 360
  • Standards
    • Streaming FLASH server; trying to get folks to standardized,
    • Files in the LMS - encourage to put in PDF formats;
    • Some interest in Articulate: offers 50% discount ($699/license); possibly interest in consortium pricing
  • First Laptop requirement initiative
  • UMMS is also using: Adobe Connect

QCC (Louise)

  • Almost out of Camtasia licenses (30); some folks have them but don't use them; send to JING as an alternate; proof of concept; no $$ until july 1
  • Preparing summer 2; over 78 online course not including on-campus
  • LPR updates; some of the user stories have been reworded like what

UMB (Gene, Alan, Toni)

  • Articulate - server license (400);
  • Adobe Presenter ($90), active users - 140
  • Virtual Classroom and Integration (Toni): General semester to semester transition; understanding the operational, pedagogical, technical
  • Training (Gene): 200 online courses for summer (5/31); training 12 new online faculty on Bb Vista
  • LPR: UAT - ongoing; 18 people are working on this; too much for faculty to do testing; 6 teams; results = 3 vendors come out the same; 1 vendor is significantly lower; won't have faculty even look at them
  • Events: 5/12: EdTech Day

Simmons (Drew)

  • summer - 400 courses; already loaded
  • new tech:
  • simians is getting out from external review + NEASC
  • Strategy 2015 - affects FY2012 developing constructing teaching and learning center; physical center or virtual space? still trying to figure out; strictly for faculty or do we include students? (eportfolios, multimedia presenting skills)
  • Simmons is part of COF; COF also create T+L collaborative; trying to keep up with COF
  • Looking at becoming
  • iTunes U has not worked out; Captcha
  • LMS Evaluation; in odd spot of UMOL + COF + strike out on own
  • Acad. Technologies focus on adjunct faculty; conducted surveys to find out that biggest complaint that faculty were not well-prepared or well-versed b/c they were adjunct faculty.
  • Be part of the faculty orientation
  • Moving forward

List of testing teams
with Subteams in a hidden wiki w/Google Docs

LPR - Does UMB have to "show" eCollege/Pearson? Home built courses in each of the environment

  • Version change? in the current Simmons;
  • Moodle 2.0, D2L - interface change
  • Streaming, flash, real media, how to manage, windows media, QuickTime, what about integration?
    • Virtual Language Labs:

Follow Ups

  • When/Where to have next UMOL UG?
  • Plan for Virtual Language Lab visit with Tracey
  • Possibly NIFTI Projects
      • Access to material from previous semesters ***
  • Add UMW job posting
  • What you're using and what you'd like to use; continued use?
  • Wimba Classroom, Wimba Voice, Respondus, Respondus LDB