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Jeffery Hammond of Forrester Research reported at Linuxcon 2010 that Linux enjoys continuing adoption among developers and implementors within the business and general communities.

Hammond, according to, provided three years of analysis from IT operations directors/VPs and eclipse developers.

In a 2008 survey, cost reduction was the driving motivation of CIOs. But one year later, while reducing costs is still important, executives now view Linux as helping their companies go faster. They are choosing it for its flexibility and because it positions them for growth as we come out of the recession. The survey of Eclipse developers found interesting data around Linux used as a desktop environment. Hammond contends that developers are now influencing technology adoption more than ever before, as open source has allowed them to bypass traditional channels, start using code and then show the business what they can do. While traditional knowledge workers may not use the Linux desktop very often, developers do. In fact his data shows that 30% of developers use Linux for their development machines, with Ubuntu especially doing well. Linux is also the dominant platform for deployment of these applications, with 40% of apps deployed on Linux (compared with Window’s 37%). This is a far cry from just a few years ago.

Meanwhile, Dell has expanded it's Ubuntu offerings to the desktop.

Oh and "Microsoft loves open source."

Image credit: CIO Insight