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  • 2011.01.07 - BiWeekly Campus Meeting - Agenda
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Wimba Classroom

Join us at 2PM on 1/7 via Wimba Classroom.

Agenda and Meeting Notes


UMOL: Patrick Masson, Karen Tan, Stefanie Henderson, Tim Lambert, Kevin O'Brien 

UMA: Kyle SK, Bill W

UMB: Alan G.

UML: Alena

Simmons: Drew M. 

QCC: Louise H. 

Campus News

  • Updates from attending campuses

UMA - Bill W., Kyle SS

  • Kyle working on 6 month training
  • Bill W. - no updates 

UMB (Wimba)

  • Alan - Large # of new courses and new instructors. 
    • Turnover in design team - full time LMS designer
    • Trying to ramp up that team to work with junior and lead designers 
    • Wimba
      • Trainings on 1/13 and 2/8 
        • Evenings for faculty adjuncts 
        • Have virtual training for long distance adjuncts 
      • Upgrade 
        • Went pretty seamless
        • Turnover in Wimba world - less support, more designers making proper adjustments as needed
  • Swamped with SP11 work 
  • Besides that everything is fine
  • Things are good @ QCC
  • We have most courses up and ready for SP11
  • Doing better than they were last year @ this time 


  • Nothing unusual @ Simmons....
  • Preparing for SP11 
  • Much more Bb use - Drew has been busy building course 
  • Merged with new department @ Simmons, so they are getting used to their new roles

Servicing News

  • Outages 12/29 and 1/4
    • In the process of formulating full reports 
    • 12/29/10 - Working with Bb to determine what the root cause of hung background jobs were (section reassignment) 
      • Bb is analyzing log files
      • How would BG's impact users inability to log into system 
      • Trying to get to the bottom of what happened with backlog of pending jobs - these were piling up in the background 
      • Full cluster restart was required to get rid of these jobs 
    • 1/4/2011
      • Data center in Shrewsbury was out  
      • New server builds in the environment resulted in certain network devices CPU maxing out
      • This caused a widespread outage 
      • Services were restored within a 15 minute period 
      • JMS server did not respond well after outage, so full cluster restart was needed 
        • This resulted in 90 minutes of down time 
  • Upcoming Service Windows - steering clear of Wednesday morning windows this time of year 
    • Network Maintenance Windows for 2011
      • January 15th - Service Impact TBD
      • February 19th - Temp to Perm Datacenter Move
      • March 19th
      • April 16th
      • May 14th
      • June 18th

Helpdesk News

  • Bi-Weekly meetings cancelled (a new quarterly meeting will happen starting in February)
  • Please continue to send issues to
  • If larger issues arise, separate calls can be arranged with Perceptis HD to resolve issue. 

Release/Integration News

  • Cross-Site Scripting Patch/SP5 Release
    • Bb released a critical patch (in December) 
      • They pulled it back due to an issue with the Help feature 
    • We are in the process of installing SP5 in our TST environment 
    • We will not delay the SP5 testing - stay tuned for more information in the next week or so. 
  • Discussion on Mobile Learn
    • What will work? 
    • What type of devices? 
      • Kevin posted information about technology testing 

Emerging Tech News

  • LPR Update
    • Extended User Stories thru end of next week 
    • Follow the LPR space in CF for more info when it becomes available 
  • NIFTI News
    • Reps from several campuses out in Shrewsbury yesterday 
    • Gave NIFTI overview 
    • We are trying to accomplish a formalized approach for new initiatives 
  • New! Distribution Lists
    • Tech team has been working on how to better communicate with campuses 
    • Our email addresses are a catch all - this isnt helping anyone 
    • We are weeding through everything trying to allow folks to sign up for different areas of intrest
  • User Groups
    • NIFTI folks asked what happened to the Users Group (last was last May 2010)
    • We'd like to take a poll (verbal or email) about these meetings - getting what you like out of these? 
      • Rotate to different campuses? 
      • Send feedback to us


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