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  • 2011.01.21 - BiWeekly Campus Meeting - Meeting Notes
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Agenda and Meeting Notes


UMOL: Karen, Stefanie, Kevin

UMA: Bret, Kyle

UMB: Ellen Foust

Campus News

  • Updates from attending campuses


  • Finishing the "Golden Time" where the lightning rounds of 3 wk Winter Term ends
  • Spring starts this week
  • Training new faculty (Kyle)
    • Marcie and Kyle are working on non-credit courses
    • Looking at 90+ instructors to train before beginning of semester
  • Lab Hours
  • LPR Participation
  • Echo 360 
    • Started a pilot (very small)
  • Prelim. Summer Course list
    • Already @ number they were @ last summer


Preparing for Spring 11


  • Staffing for evening shifts (have recently lost a few ppl)

Servicing News

  • Upcoming Service Windows - steering clear of Wednesday morning windows this time of year 
    • Network Maintenance Windows for 2011 (working on 2nd half dates)
      • January 15th - Service Impact TBD
      • February 19th - Temp to Perm Datacenter Move
        • Could be upwards of 48 hours, but we are still hopeful of 12 to 24 hour downtime 
        • Time for unavailability is TBD. 
      • March 19th
      • April 16th
      • May 14th
      • June 18th
  • Temp to Perm Datacenter Move weekend of 2/19 Update
  • Service Pack 5 Install in TEST
    • Advised campus folks to get in there and test when you can

Helpdesk News

  • Quarterly meeting with Perceptis set for Thursday, February 24th at 2PM
  • Please continue to send issues to
  • If larger issues arise, separate calls can be arranged with Perceptis HD to resolve issue. 

Release/Integration News

Emerging Tech News

  • LPR Update
    • We were moving fwd with release of RFP on 18th, but procurement issues slowed it down 
    • Looking @ next week for release 
  • NIFTI News
    • There was a meeting a few weeks ago. 
    • Use the space in CF to move ideas to production...
    • Participation is welcome and you could be added to the DL 
  • New! Distribution Lists
    • Tech team has been working on how to better communicate with campuses
    • Our email addresses are a catch all - this isnt helping anyone 
    • We are weeding through everything trying to allow folks to sign up for different areas of interest
  • User Groups
    • NIFTI folks asked what happened to the Users Group (last was last May 2010)
    • We'd like to take a poll (verbal or email) about these meetings - getting what you like out of these? 
      • Rotate to different campuses? 
      • Send feedback to us