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  • 2011.02.18 - BiWeekly Campus Meeting - Notes
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Wimba Classroom

The archive can be downloaded here.

 Campus News 

Updates from attending campuses

Servicing News

  • Upcoming Service Windows
    • Network Maintenance Windows for 2011 (working on 2nd half dates)
      • February 19th
      • March 19th
      • April 16th
      • May 14th
      • June 18th
  • Temp to Perm Datacenter Move - Beginning at 4AM on February 19th
    • Could be upwards of 48 hours, but we are still hopeful of 12 to 24 hour downtime 

  • Service Pack 5 Install in TEST

Helpdesk & CF News

Release/Integration News

Emerging Tech News

  • LPR Update
  • New! Distribution Lists
    • Tech team has been working on how to better communicate with campuses
    • Our email addresses are a catch all - this isnt helping anyone 
    • We are weeding through everything trying to allow folks to sign up for different areas of interest

Links to Share:

Roll On/Roll Off Form

NIFTI Home and SIG Link

Technology Distribution Lists

Mobile Learn Release and Support Info

Mobile Learn NIFTI Link

Meeting Notes


UMOL: Karen, Tim, Kevin, Stefanie

UMA: Bill Weye

UMB: Mark Lewis

UMB Updates:

  • Courses that are running this semester (enrollments) are higher than years past 
  • Focusing a lot on user acceptance testing for new LMS
  • Paying close attention to current operations as well
  • ePortfolio: 
    • Using Acrobat as an ePortfolio 
    • Having Adobe training sessions starting on March 2nd
    • Licenses (for creative suite) will be given based on training 

Servicing News
Temp to Perm Move 

  • 4AM on 2/19/2011
  • Expecting to being testing by late afternoon (if things go according to plan) 
  • App. may be available by early evening (this is best case scenario) 
  • We are not able to restrict access, so all work done may be compromised if there are issues. 

Network Maintenence

  • No questions were asked
  • We may take advantage of the Wednesday service windows for other issues we are working on

Service Pack 5 in TEST Environment

  • UMOL has tested and things look good on our end
  • Advised campuses to test their content and verify functions* *
  • Informed campuses that mobile learn will be installed once everyone has signed off on testing

Voice Tools

  • Working on scheduling a time to upgrade VT Server 
  • Not a critical upgrade, but will bring us up to latest release
  • Look to campuses for feedback on outage times 

LPR Update

  • Procurement released on 2/1/11
  • We had pre-bidders conference to go over format of responses

Distribution Lists 

  • Previous DL's will be retired on 3/31/2011
  • We encourage all campus reps to sign up for the right DL's. 
  • Mark asked about user groups - eligibility for lists 
    • We are all inclusive.

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