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  • 2011.03.04 - BiWeekly Campus Meeting - Agenda
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Meeting Notes and Agenda


UMA: Bret Holloway
UML: Alena Woods

QCC: Louise Hamelin 

Campus News

  • Updates from attending campuses


  • In the midst of a lull 
  • A little anxious about summer 
    • larger than last summer 
    • training and ramping up for that 
  • Roles
    • Were looking at Vista Roles today 
    • Crafting a policy around who has access to sections 


  • In the lull right now after add/drop period has ended. 


  • All is well. 
  • Courses are running. That is all. 

Servicing News

  • Network Maintenance Windows for 2011
    • March 19th
    • April 16th
    • May 14th
    • June 18th
  • Introduction of Monthly Scheduled Restart
    • In troubleshooting certain things, we find that it would be a best practice to start scheduling a monthly restart. 
    • This would be done 1 Wednesday per month 
      • Scheduling is still TBD. 
      • The last Wednesday (UML) would work better
      • But this may be detrimental to finals and exams
      • Beginning of the month may be better, sans September (steering clear of first week). 
      • Any time we have a scheduled servicing would require us to bring the cluster down and restart it. 

Helpdesk & CF News

  • Re-cap of 2/24 Perceptis Quarterly Meeting
  • Please continue to send issues to
  • If larger issues arise, separate calls can be arranged with Perceptis HD to resolve issue. 

Release/Integration News

  • Chat Logging Patch and re-deployment of SP5 in TEST
    • We rolled back SP5 to SP4 to deploy patch for chat logging 
    • UMOL TT did a bit of testing and were able to reproduce the issue 
      • There are now 2 issues
      • Posts are not making it to chat 
      • Posts are not making it to the chat log 
    • Bb has given us another patch to deploy 
      • But we need to roll back the current patch to get the new one in there
  • Wimba Voice Tools Upgrade 
    • Still working on scheduling that 
    • Not much downtime 
  • Section Backup process and changes being implemented.
    • Currently, each day a separate campus gets to backup
      • That way we can give you a .bak that is no more than 1 week old 
      • The issue that we are having is that each semester the sections are getting bigger and bigger 
      • The back up process is running longer and longer and taking up more and more space 
      • Tim has 1.8TB associated with the .baks 
    • New System 
      • Would alleviate the need to run the backups against production 
      • Tim will still be collecting filters
      • He will use that environment to run everyones section backups so he can provide them with archives
      • Tim went over peak utilization times and the proposed new backup schedule 
    • DB Snap vs. Backups
      • Snap is quicker 
      • We have a recovery environment that is updated all the time 
      • Snap pulls changes (delta) of last time it was run and the current time 
      • Much less processer intensive than the current process 

Emerging Tech News

  • LPR Update  
    • Respondents have until next week to respond
    • Still in Q/A phase 


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